Israel receives a lot of attention around the world. However, news reporting from Israel is often simplistic and ignorant.

Focus Israel has the ambition to give our viewers an in-depth picture of this country and the people who live here. We will highlight news that is rarely addressed in other media and we will provide the historical background to what is happening here in Israel, so that you, as viewers can create a better idea of the situation.
But we also want to show that Israel is a country that symbolizes hope for the millions of Jews worldwide, and also for millions of Christians who have made up with centuries of religious Antisemitism and Replacement Theology, which today sees itself as Jewish brothers.

We want to show that Israel is the Middle East’s only true Democracy, the only country in this region where everyone has the right to host the views they want without Fear of Persecution.

It is a country with a fascinating history, a burgeoning economy and a rich cultural life, or as described in the Bible: “A land flowing with milk and honey.” It is a very good country!

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