Eddie Chumney

Eddie has founded Hebraic Heritage Ministries International, www.hebroots.org, were he is publishing teachings. He also has a web-page called Watchman of Zion, www.watchmanofzion.com, were news from Israel are published.

Do you want to buy DVD’s, go to: www.elshaddai.se – Webbshop – DVD – Sortera på talare

Teaching: Yeshua from Genesis to Revelation – Sweden February 2011

Part 6

Part 5


Part 4

Part 3

Part 2

Part 1

Questions and answers with Eddie February 2011

Question 5: Do we need to know the Torah fluently?

Question 4: What happens to believers in Jesus that don’t follow the Torah?

Question 3: Is a new Temple necessary for Yeshua to come back?

Question 2: Weapons will be destroyed for seven years, when is that?

Question 1: Is Yeshua God?

Interview with Eddie February 2011 (in english)